Our values

Republic of November 18, 1918

We live in the Republic of Latvia proclaimed on November 18, 1918. We respect Satversme – the Constitution of Latvia adopted in 1922; no amendments shall alter the founding ideas laid down by the fathers of the Constitution.

A Latvian-speaking nation

The Republic of Latvia was founded to ensure the existence of the Latvian nation, language and culture, therefore any talk or action leading to a dual society or dual state language is completely unacceptable. All our citizens form the Latvian nation or the political nation, and each one of them ought to become a Latvian patriot.

Democracy and justice

Latvia’s future is unimaginable without democracy, and democracy is unimaginable without justice – independent and dependable courts that give people trust in fair rulings. It is the sense of justice that gives citizens trust in their country and allows the business environment to prosper.

Family and children

Family is the foundation of our society, and children are the guarantee of Latvia’s prosperity in the future, therefore strong Latvian families and healthy, educated children are at the centre of our state’s development. Marriage can only be a union between a man and a woman, as enshrined in the Latvian Constitution.

Welfare state

The conservatives have historically laid the foundations of wealthy and prosperous nations. A strong middle class is a stable foundation for any society. Being conservative, we believe that Latvia needs socially responsible policies that reduce inequality and strengthen entrepreneurship.

Geopolitical belonging to the West

The European Union and NATO ensure Latvia’s full-fledged belonging to the Western societies, and this integration must be strengthened at all times. Latvia should strive to become a recognised and active Western country, both in our own conscience and that of the international community.