About us

Jaunā Konservatīvā Partija (JKP) or the New Conservative Party was founded on May 17, 2014, when hundreds of Latvian patriots gathered to establish the party. Janis Bordans was elected as the first chairman of the party, and in June 2017, he together with Juta Strike and Juris Juriss led the JKP into the Riga City Council, winning 9 seats out of 60.

In the 2018 Latvian Parliamentary elections, JKP won 16 seats in the Latvian 100-seat chamber and held 4 ministerial portfolios in the government: the Ministries of Justice, Welfare, Education and Science, and Transport.

JKP was the largest party in the ruling coalition and, due to its influence, managed to ensure that the government formed by the 13th Saeima completed its full 4-year term for the first time ever in Latvian politics.

Following poor election results in 2022, the JKP’s board resigned, and a new party board was elected, with the ex-Minister Gatis Eglitis becoming the chairman of JKP.

JKP is still one of the largest political parties in Latvia. The party currently has more than 1100 members, and 30 regional divisions, and is politically represented in 14 municipalities.

The party is on the center-right of the political spectrum and its guiding mission is to see Latvia develop as a strong, independent, and democratic republic, based on such core values as:

  • Respected family values
  • Bold internal and external security
  • A strong middle class and a great business environment
  • World-class education and strong health-care system
  • Trusted rule of law