Riga Vice Mayor Linda Ozola and Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau agree to collaborate to fight against corruption

Rīgas vicemēre Linda Ozola Foto: Delfi

Riga, 19th of November, LETA. Riga City Council Vice Mayor and Chairman of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption Linda Ozola agreed with the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) on cooperation, LETA was informed by the Riga City Council. 

During an online meeting with representatives of the KNAB, the current situation and the most important issues were discussed. An agreement was made to work in close cooperation.

“Ruling coalition in The Riga City Council has already emphasized the fact that we want a ruthless and rapid, clear response to all the corruption cases that are identified, and assistance from KNAB will be very useful for us. Our current approach is less theory and plans but more practical action,” said Riga Vice Mayor Ozola.

KNAB Chief Executive Jēkabs Straume was pleased with the planned future cooperation, as it had not been possible during the previous ruling coalition.  For example, during the previous term, Riga was one of the rare municipalities that had not joined the so-called Building and construction Information System. It is an electronic system in which the circulation of information between participants in the construction process is ensured. Riga joined this system only in January of 2019.

During the discussion Straume explained that Riga City Council is important for KNAB future plans in combating corruption. KNAB plans to add corruption risk analysis to its expertise. It will allow the KNAB to share information with those who make decisions – municipalities and companies. KNAB will inform that they identified risks in the operation of an institution, and the institution will then be able to take preventive action to keep corrupt activities from happening.

The participants discussed the open data approach as one of the principles of opening up the municipality for the wider public. From the point of view of the Committee on the Prevention of Security, Order, and Corruption, as much data as possible should be available to the general public, particularly relating to various municipal financial transactions and budget planning documents.

A Member of the Riga City Council Māris Mičerevskis has turned to the KNAB about donations for the Latvian Development party (Latvijas attīstībai – LA)

KNAB has already promised to carry out an in-depth investigation of Mičerevskis statement that the money donated had come from sponsors. Mičerevskis arī apgalvo, ka daļu sponsoru naudas paturot LA valdes loceklis Edgars Jaunups, taču “pārējie”, ieskaitot viņu pašu, gan tā nedarot.

Mičerevskis also claims that part of the sponsorship money was retained by LA member of the board Edgars Jaunups but others, including himself, did not do so.


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